FILLANCE Turns Opportunities
Into Achievements

Bringing The Netherlands-
To The Gulf States

Unique Business Opportunities
Hand-Picked By Fillance

Real Estate

The best investment on earth, is earth.

Invest in Commercial (Offices/Retail), Residential, Industrial & Leased Real Estate with up to 80% ROI over a period of two years.

Import & Export

Invest In National Economies

The fundamentals of globalization, participating in development and growth of national economies are certain to reap benefits.


It’s Not What You Earn That Makes You Rich, It’s How You Spend

A fine concoction of Defensive Investment & Growth Investment has enabled Fillance to manage risks with superior prowess, be it cash or not.


Wealth Is Not In What We Know, But What We Share

Highly thought out consultation on Financial, Strategic, Operational and Risk Management is a surefire way of attuning The Netherlands with your clients.

Certified Professionals

Strong Networking

1 to 1 Client Assistance

Additional Services